A prefabricated post-and-core system is used when there is poor tooth structure remaining to support a traditional restoration or an artificial crown. Post and core treatment is a painless procedure and does not require local anesthesia as the tooth has long been dead after the root canal procedure. A post and core can be made only for a tooth that has had root canal treatment.


  • Initially, your dentist will create the space inside your tooth in which the post will be cemented.
  • Once the space inside the tooth created, the dentist will evaluate the fit of the post they plan to place.
  • After the fit of the post has been checked, it's ready to be cemented in its teeth.
  • After the post's cement has set, the tooth's core can be added.
  • After the process of placing the post and core has been completed, the tooth's dental crown can be fabricated, just like for any tooth.


  • Preservation of tooth structure, the post is fabricated to fit the radicular space.
  • Provision of anti-rotational properties.
  • Core retention as it is an inherent part of the post.
  • Fewer chances of vertical fractures during preparation.
  • High strength.

A dental post should be utilized only when a large part of the crown structure is missing as a support in helping to anchor the core to a tooth. The dental examination will be complemented with a dental X-ray. Prefabricated post and cores take very minimum time to place while placing a cast post and core is a two-appointment process.