Dentures are removable appliances replaced for missing teeth and adjacent tissues. They are the artificial teeth that enable the normal functioning of the human mouth. Dentures are of two varieties – complete and partial. It is made up of acrylic resin or a combination of various metals. A complete denture appliance replaces all the teeth and they can be removed during the night for cleaning and replaced back. A partial denture is used when natural teeth get damaged.


Denture placement involves the evaluation, fabrication followed by placement of dentures.

  • The first step is making sure the denture has a stable relationship with the denture-bearing mucosa.
  • Once the denture is seated well, the next step is to evaluate and adjust the denture flange areas.
  • The final step in this sequence is evaluating the occlusion. Preferably, occlusal evaluation and adjustment would be done with a clinical remount.


  • The overall ability to bite and chew your favorite food is improved.
  • Few restrictions on food that you can eat with your dentures on.
  • Eliminates social awkwardness caused by gaps and missing teeth.
  • Restores your facial appearance.
  • Protects remaining teeth (if any) from extensive wear.
  • It can be removed for proper cleaning and brushing.

They are usually custom made appliance especially for a set of teeth and gum lines. Since these dentures are artificial and removable, therefore, it becomes extremely important to handle them with care. Regular visits to the dentist will make sure everything is being taken care of. Also, the doctors can examine the dentures and may advise if you need to change them.