Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

Both crowns and bridges are fixed dental restoration equipment which is used for restoration or replacement of missing natural teeth, respectively. Dental crowns are usually considered superior to teeth fillings due to better aesthetics and durability. Similarly, bridges provide improved aesthetics and strength in comparison to removable dentures.


  • The tooth is numbed using a topical anesthetic and prepared for the crown by removing any decay or weakened areas.
  • The rest of the tooth structure is then reshaped to meet proper crown preparation design.
  • In case of any necessity, a restorative material such as composite resin is added to the remaining tooth structure to ensure that the prosthetic crown will have a good foundation.
  • If there is too much tooth decay, root canal treatment is done before placing the crowns and bridges.

Benefits of dental crowns:

  • A dental crown is the best protection that your dentist can give to a threatened tooth. Teeth weakened by root canal treatment are also protected with crowns.
  • Along with physical protection, a dental crown also offers an aesthetic advantage. Crowns can be made to restore the original shape of your tooth.
  • Crowns last for a longer time when compared to most dental restorations, with a life of fifteen years or more.

Benefits of dental bridges:

  • With the help of a bridge, dental functionality will be restored. That is, you will be able to chew and eat efficiently.
  • A bridge will also improve speech clarity that may have been lost due to the absence of a natural tooth.
  • The bridge structure distributes the chewing force equally to the supporting teeth, making for easier chewing.
  • Not only functionality of the teeth is restored, but you can also restore or even improve your smile with a bridge.
  • Just like dental crowns, bridges also last much longer than removable dentures.

There are high quality and aesthetically-pleasing crowns and bridges available so that the teeth can be restored and a smile can be improved.